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    Aug 8 th, 2012
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    4 Elements that Enable Websites to Provide Customer Service

    Customer service is most commonly seen in real companies. This is often done by a department manned by staff with smiling faces. These people are dedicated to assist customers and they are there to give the company’s prospects and customers a pleasant experience when they make purchases or inquiries about the company’s products or services.

    This is a normal scene in the physical world, but as business is rapidly evolving with technology, many people are now looking for that kind of service from websites which make the hub of the cyber market.

    Websites are accessible on a 24/7 basis, and what’s more important is the fact that people can access these sites right from their own homes. People don’t need to travel to enter a website. This makes websites the right venue for businesses and their customers and prospects to interact.

    Here are five elements that enable websites to effectively provide customer services:

    1. Access to Product Information

    People nowadays prefer to shop online because it is more convenient and free from the hassles of pushy sales people. It gives them absolute freedom to see product specifications, compare prices, and read reviews. They use these as the basis for their decisions to make a purchase.

    Websites that intend to provide excellent customer service should be able to provide extensive product information to enable customers to shop in their own time and manner. This makes a website a top priority for buyers.

    2. Customer Access to Personal and Account Information

    Customers of virtual stores like to get billing, account and other information on their own. They prefer to look up their own account information without the need to ask or being told to wait while somebody conducts a review of it in the database.

    An excellent website customer service is one that allows customers to serve themselves. It also authorizes them to make changes to their personal information such as their addresses and contact numbers. People don’t want to wait. They’d rather look up their own accounts in their own time and convenience.

    3. Live chat

    This is one of the most effective ways to entertain online customers. This allows them to ask additional information about details of certain products or offers, and it gives the company a better chance of converting site visitors into paying customers.

    4. Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions or FAQ’s are the most common questions asked by website visitors that are answered by the website or business administrators. It can serve as a guide especially for new customers who are not familiar with the website and its business.

    These are some of the elements that enable websites to provide customer service. Websites that contain these aspects are customer-friendly and they are likely to attract more customers which mean more sales and increased profits for them.


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