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    Jun 5 th, 2012
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    4 Elements of Great Web Content

    Great content is the most important thing that any website can offer to its audience. This is in fact the very reason why people run to the web – to find the information they want, and it can only be provided by useful and relevant web content.

    But no matter how meaty content is, its value could not be appreciated if nobody is willing to read it. Aside from its substance, web content needs to carry certain qualities that make it engaging for visitors to read.

    Here are the top four elements of great web content:

    1. Brevity

    People on the web don’t have much time to spend reading lengthy content. Some of them may even skim through it just to get the information they want.

    For this reason, you have to keep your articles short yet full of substance. Give your information in as few words as possible. A content piece that can give everything in 500 words or less is ideal. But if your topic requires more, it’s still okay as long as you’re not making it too wordy. Avoid beating the bush, get straight to the point.

    2. Structure

    The way you organize your content matters a lot in attracting reader attention. Make your content eye-catching by using bullet points or sub-headings on items that need emphasis. These are the substance that your readers want to find immediately in web content.

    3. Correct grammar and spelling.

    Correct grammar and spelling is an indication of professionalism. It is a way of telling your readers that you, the author, have spent time to check and proofread your written piece.

    An article that contains grammar or spelling mistakes is shouting “amateur” to itself. Although not all of your prospects care about it, there are some who are turned off by these mistakes, and they become doubtful of your credibility and expertise on your topic.

    4. Information

    This is the most important element that your website can offer. You should provide your site with useful information and update it on a regular basis. This will make people appreciate your website and give them a reason to come back.

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