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    Jun 5 th, 2012
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    4 Elements of Great SEO

    Search engine optimization is so influential online that it has become a primary strategy of all websites on the web today. This is because search engines are the websites’ only means of getting connected to their target audience. No website can get the exposure that it intends to have without the help of search engines.

    For this reason, many people resorted to the use of unfair SEO practices called black hat techniques. These techniques are not acceptable, but some website owners do it because they want to take the shorter route to the top of the search engine results page.

    With the millions of websites on the web today, getting the attention of search engines is quite a task. It takes time, effort and sound SEO strategies to make a website get a decent search engine ranking, but it is not impossible. The best and only way to get good traffic is through fair and ethical SEO.

    Here are the elements of a great SEO:

    1. Profitable Keywords

    Keywords and key phrases shape the visibility of your website to the search engines. Good keywords or key phrases are those that are popular yet less competitive. These are the ones that people type in the search box when they look for information on the web. Take time to research on these words. Keywords are keys that will lead your website to your target audience.

    To get the best keywords for your niche, you can use Google’s Adwords Keyword tool.

    2. Quality Content

    Websites are intended to attract people, and this is the reason why you have to fill its pages with quality content.

    Quality content refers to useful information that your website should carry. If you fill your site with keyword-rich content that has no substance, it won’t work because it is only meant to attract search engines. It can’t draw the attention of humans.

    Get your website indexed by search engines by providing it with fresh, unique, relevant and quality information. Fill it with contents that your target audience would find useful and it will get the traffic it wants. Avoid filling it with too many keywords; search engines disregard spammy websites in their indexing process.

    3. Quality Backlinks

    Backlinks help to determine the popularity and relevance of a website. Sites with lots of quality backlinks have a high potential of getting decent page rankings.

    You can create backlinks by submitting articles to article directories that allow you to include a resource box that contains links to your website or landing page. You can also create them by posting comments and leaving your website’s link on sites and blogs that carry topics related to your site’s theme.

    Another way to create powerful backlinks is to establish links to authority sites and popular blogs.

    4. Social Media Presence

    One good way to promote your website is to announce its presence through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These websites are fertile grounds to garner followers because they are visited by millions of people on a daily basis.


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