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    Mar 16 th, 2012
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    4 Easy Ways to Write Interesting Headlines

    Your headline is the door that lets your visitor come in to read more about your article. But it can also be the same door that gives your reader a reason to exit from your website.

    Making good headlines is an important aspect of article writing because it is one of the factors that compel site visitors to stay and read on. Whether you are making blog posts, press releases or news items, you must provide them with interesting headlines to stimulate your readers’ interest and curiosity.

    Here are four easy ways to write interesting headlines for your articles:

    1. Pop a question.

    Most people run to the web for answers. It is one of the reasons why a question makes a headline engaging. It arouses curiosity and it promises an answer that the reader would want to know. It also implies that you know your subject very well.

    2. Use numbers to attract attention.

    Using numbers in headlines is an effective way to attract readers because it gives the reader a promise that they will learn something from the article body. Just be sure to deliver the items that your headline promises so that you visitor will stay or come back for more.

    3. Keep it Short

    Short headlines can help to let your readers know what you want to say at a glance. As we all know, people on the web have very short attention spans and they want to get straight to the point. By keeping your headlines short and sweet, you are engaging them to read more. A short headline can also help to give your reader an idea that your article body is concise and loaded with information.

    4. Give your readers what they want.

    When people read articles, they expect to get some benefit from it. It is almost always normal for a reader to ask “what’s in it for me?” when they read web content. One of the best ways to attract reader attention is to make titles that promises benefits, such as “How tos,” “Easy Steps” or “Easy Ways” to do something. But then again, you should not forget to deliver what your title promises otherwise your visitor will go away.

    These are some of the ways to write interesting headlines. With the stiff competition and millions of information on the web, it is not easy to keep your readers interested if you can’t provide your site with interesting content and engaging article headlines. You also need to optimize your title and article body to help search engines do their job better in finding your articles.


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