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    Mar 9 th, 2012
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    4 Easy Ways to Use PLR Articles

    Private Label Rights articles are a quick yet cost-effective resource that blog owners and Internet marketers can use to provide content to their websites and blogs. These articles are ideal for people who are pressed with time and cannot devote much of it for writing and researching.

    PLRs are ready-to-use and there are actually dozens of ways to utilize them for your advantage. But to be sure that they are unique, you need to rewrite them first before publishing and distributing them. This will help to ensure that the information and construction of your article are correct.

    You can also use PLRs as inspirations or guides to generate ideas for original articles. With these ideas, you can develop a story that you can write in a shorter time because you no longer need to research.

    Original articles fare better with readers and search engines as well. People always navigate away from sites that publish content that they have already seen elsewhere. Likewise, search engines don’t appreciate websites that publish duplicate content. Publishing duplicate content can lower your page ranking.

    Here are some of the ways to use PLR articles:

    1. Publish them as blog posts.

    Blog posts are short articles that often focus on one key point to convey a message. It is possible to write multiple blog posts from the same PLR article.

    In your new article, you need to use your own keyword which you have to infuse in your article title. You should also rewrite the first paragraph with your main keywords appearing in its first two sentences. You can then modify parts of the article body to make the story well suited to your niche and title then close it with a good conclusion and an engaging call to action, if appropriate.

    2. Convert them into short reports.

    A PLR is a pack of several articles that deal on the same topic. They can be easily linked together to produce a new product such as a report for a newsletter or email marketing campaign.

    To do this, you need to arrange the articles logically in a Word file and save it as a new document. Your next step would be to edit the new document and add information and images if necessary. You also need to create your own title page at the beginning, and at the end of the article, add your bio and resource section.

    After saving your new article, you can already convert it into a PDF file. This will be the content that you will distribute as newsletter or email to generate opt-ins from your prospects.

    3. Offer them as bonuses.

    Another way to use your report is to offer it as a bonus for the product you sell. People are attracted to bonuses because these are a plus for their money. It implies that you are giving away more than what your customers are paying for.

    4. Sharing them with other Websites.

    Sharing your PLR-turned-short report with other websites or blogs helps to circulate them around the web. You can also promote that report to social networking communities such as Twitter and Facebook to enhance your online visibility and potential for traffic and revenue.


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