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    Feb 7 th, 2012
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    4 Easy Steps to Blog for Money

    Many people run to the web not just to harvest information but to earn extra income online as well. The Internet is teeming with opportunities, and if you have the right skills, it would not be difficult for you to earn extra dollars to augment your income.

    There are many different ways to earn money online. Some of them involve technical know how while others are quite simpler. But one of the most commons ways of earning extra income online is by blogging.

    Here are four easy steps which can help you to blog for money:

    1. Find a profitable topic of interest.

    The first thing you need to consider is to determine a topic or niche that interests you and you have sufficient knowledge about. This will make things easier for you because it can help you to minimize research and include your personal experiences in your stories.

    But if you think that your favorite subject has little potential to drive traffic, you can choose to write on some of the most popular topics which include health and fitness, self improvement, parenting and pet care.

    You are expected to write the first few posts of your blog. You have to make them work for you.

    2. Choose a monetization plan that suits your niche.

    Since you are heading towards making your site profitable, you have to establish a monetization plan that suits your niche. If you can connect your niche to a product that offers affiliate programs, it’s a good indication that your site can earn passive income for you. There are also other monetization models which you can use to make your blog earn money. These include Adsense, advertising, and selling information products.

    3. Set up your website.

    Once you have determined your niche and monetization plan, the next thing you need to consider is to set up a website where you can place your content and implement your monetization plan. The easiest way to build a blog is to use WordPress. It is a platform that is quite easy to learn. It also allows you to focus on adding content rather than doing codes like CSS or HTML.

    Once you have established your blog, your next concern will be adding quality content that attracts visitors. This means that you have to implement strategies that can help to bring traffic to your web log. These techniques include keyword research and infusion, link building and social media promotion.

    4. Hire writers to take care of things for you.

    As your business progresses overtime, you might need to add more blogs. This means that you will need to hire writers to provide content for your existing blogs.

    These are the most common steps that people implement to blog for money. You can use them to build a number of websites to earn passive income for you in the long term.


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