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    Aug 19 th, 2012
    Article Writing-Freelance Writing No Comments

    4 Basic Rules of Article Writing to Improve Your Skills

    Article writing is a process. A process is composed of steps that you have to perform in order to arrive at your goal and attain your objectives.

    In article writing, there are four basic rules that you have to perform in order to improve your article writing skills and avoid rejection. These are:

    1. Keep on reading other people’s articles.

    Reading makes you improve your knowledge. It also helps you to learn to use appropriate words for every situation. Continuous reading of other people’s written pieces is one of the keys to the improvement of your own writing skills.

    2. Just keep on writing.

    Constant practice is the only way to perfection. Writing is a skill that you can hone by doing it as often as you can. Practicing means you don’t always have to write for publication. It is the joy of putting your thoughts into written text that motivates you to create articles. It is the passion for writing that inspires you to practice in order to become efficient at what you do.

    3. Read feedback on declined articles.

    It is not unusual for writers to have rejected articles at some point in their careers. If you have a rejected article, you don’t have to take it as a negative blow on your career, but as a learning opportunity.

    Rejected articles will give you an idea about the elements that editors require for their particular publication or website. Their comments or feedback will help you to discover your weaknesses and enable you to find ways to improve your skill, your style and the quality of your written work.

    4. Proofread your articles.

    Failure to proofread is surprisingly one of the most common reasons why articles are rejected. You must make proofreading an integral part of your article writing procedure; it can help to let you spot errors and rectify them before they arrive at the hands of picky and quality conscious editors.

    These are some of the basic rules of writing that can help to improve your skills. But there are other factors of writing to attract traffic. These include conceiving engaging titles, following a structure, using relevant keywords and writing for your audience.


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