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    Feb 7 th, 2012
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    4 Aspects of Interesting Blogs

    With the number of websites ballooning to more than 366 million to date, we cannot avoid thinking that plenty of them, most especially blogs, are struggling to capture the attention of web users and search engines.

    There are a lot of factors that play a part in a blog’s popularity. Since we can not pinpoint any one of them as the sole reason for a blog’s success, we will try to discuss some of them in this article.

    Here are the four common aspects of interesting or blogs:

    1. Written Content

    While it is true that videos have slowly taken the stage in online marketing today, it has not yet fully covered the information furnished by written content to the World Wide Web.

    Written content is still the dominant force as far as information on the web is concerned.

    A way to make your written content interesting is to identify your target audience and cater to their interests and needs. You also need to update your content regularly in order to hold the interest of old visitors and followers. Observe web content writing guidelines such as the use of compelling titles, engaging articles and strategic key phrases to make your content optimized for the search engines and appealing to the right audience.

    2. Visuals

    Blog posts which are embedded with videos or photos that relate to the article do a lot to stimulate the curiosity of its visitors. But you must be sure to vary your photos to keep your blog from looking boring. You should avoid posting similar images over and over on your web pages.

    3. Design and Usability

    It wouldn’t matter if you choose to design your own website or use a free blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogspot. The most important aspect that you have to consider in your website’s design is to make sure that it is simple, easy to navigate and not over crowded. Select fonts which are easy to read and avoid using fancy colors. Make your blog more expressive by using a striking header that depicts your blog’s culture.

    As much as possible, make your web log dwell on your specific theme. It will help the search engines to put your blog in its rightful category, making it easier to find.

    4. Marketing and Advertising

    Promoting a blog in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is one of the best approaches to enhance its exposure and visibility.

    Another way to advertise your blog is to comment in forums and other bloggers’ posts. But you must see to it that the forums and blogs that you commented on are dealing on topics which are relevant to your niche. This is one way of attracting genuine traffic which is your primary target.


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