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    Jul 18 th, 2012
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    4 Article Writing Mistakes to Learn from

    Writing is one of the ways that a person expresses his thoughts and ideas. Your writing gives a part of yourself to your readers, and through your written manuscripts, you are allowing people to take a glimpse of your mind, personality and character.

    That being said, your writing should be done in a correct, presentable and acceptable manner because it represents you as the person behind the idea. People don’t want to spend time reading written pieces that are incoherent, disorganized, illogical, or riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes.

    It’s okay to commit mistakes sometimes especially if you are just starting out as a writer. But it is better to identify them beforehand so that you can avoid them looking forward.

    Here are four article writing mistakes that you should know to avoid committing them in your written pieces:

    1. Being Too Broad with the Topic

    Writers who are not specific with their topic have the tendency to lose reader interest. When writing articles, you should keep them specific and they should focus on a particular subject, thought or idea. This is to attract the attention of the specific audience that you are targeting. If you want to capture the attention of sports car lovers, you should write about sports cars and narrow them down further to brands, models, etc.

    2. Trying to copy Another Writer’s Writing Style

    Many aspiring writers want to emulate the writing styles of the writers they admire and idolize. While this technique can help you to develop your skills, it is always good to find and hone your own style. Your writing style is your signature as a writer and readers will recognize you for it. It is what makes you unique and different from other writers.

    3. Straying Away from Topic

    This is most possible if you are taking on a topic that is too broad to discuss. Straying away from topic is misleading, confusing, and it can only send readers away with a bad impression of you. You are writing to provide information about a particular subject matter. You should stay focused on your topic and convey relevant information that your readers intend to see.

    4. Too Much Fluff

    People read because they want to see useful information that can enhance their knowledge base or enable them to learn something beneficial. They are not there to know how great you are with words. This means that you have to produce written pieces with real information that your target audience wants. You should write with your readers in mind. People will appreciate your thoughts for that.

    These are are some of the writing mistakes that can make readers leave your web page to enter another. You can avoid committing them by doing their opposites – and move forward to build your writing career.


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