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    Mar 22 nd, 2012
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    4 Article Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

    With countless web-based businesses that thrive on the web, driving targeted traffic has become a challenge. All Internet marketers know that site visitors are the main source of revenue for any online business.

    You could have heard countless recommendations on how to sustain your online business and make it a good sales generator. But all of them are heading towards the same objective: to attract people to your business and offer them your products and services.

    One of the most popular methods that people use to promote their products and services online is article marketing. It is a proven method to drive traffic to a business website and generate sales – as long as the right strategies are implemented.

    Article marketing is a cost-effective way of product promotion, and committing preventable mistakes can be costly in terms of lost time and opportunity. Time is gold as the saying goes.

    So to keep your article marketing campaign going in the right direction, you should avoid committing mistakes which can adversely affect your potential to maximize your sales.

    Here are four of the most common article marketing mistakes you should avoid to prevent lost opportunity from taking place:

    1. Not choosing a specific business-related topic for your articles.

    In essence, your articles should be anchored on specific business-related topics that inform, educate or provide solutions to your readers’ problems. This implies that you also need your website to have a theme that’s relevant to your business or industry.

    When you try to tackle lots of themes, you will lose your focus and confuse your audience. This makes them lose interest in your content and go away to find another site that can cater to their needs.

    One of the most important factors that can keep your visitors coming back is articles that make them learn things they cannot find anywhere else on the web.

    2. Not identifying your target audience.

    One of the primary requirements of marketing is to define the “ideal customer” that you intend to market your products to. If you fail to do this, you won’t be able to promote your business to the right people.

    Identifying your target audience will help you to craft the right articles that can catch their interest. This is an effective way of driving organic traffic to your site which will increase your potential for sales.

    3. Not producing quality and value in the articles.

    Quality and value of information is essential in every article. This means that when you produce articles, they should be fresh, insightful and compelling. You also need to make them easy to read, scannable and flawless enough to hold your readers whose attention spans last only for seconds.

    4. Not producing unique content.

    One of the strategies that article marketers use to boost the exposure of their articles is to submit content to various article sites. This calls for the submission of unique articles which don’t bear the exact wordings of the ones that you publish on your own website.

    If you submit an exact copy of your published article, it might not work for your advantage. Many people are turned off when they click on your link from your resource box and find exactly the same content that they read in the article site.

    After publishing your article in your own site, you should rewrite it before submitting it to article directories. People wouldn’t mind reading the same story as long as it is presented in a different angle.


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