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    Dec 12 th, 2011
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    3 Ways to Use Social Media for SEO

    Social media and search engine optimization are two things that online marketers have recently combined to promote brand awareness and to reach new customers online. It has become a new strategy for obtaining promotional success.

    Search engine optimization and social media are worlds apart. SEO is intended for search engines while social media is aimed at building communities and linking people together by the power of the Internet.

    Despite their differences, online marketing has found something that can combine the two to widen their audience base. The use of SEO and social media for marketing creates a more personal touch of promoting anything online. It helps to make you succeed with the search engines and it allows you to have a personal knowledge of your target audience.

    Here are some of the ways to use social media for SEO:

    1. Write SEO optimized social content

    You need to include social content in your web design to encourage interactivity of your site. This means that you should make blogs, videos or images a part of it. When you allow your readers to contribute their ideas on your social content, you are actually increasing your site’s popularity and exposure. Just make sure to optimize your social content with the use of the right keywords to make it attractive to search engines.

    2. Drive traffic to your site with social media

    The use of social media to drive traffic has become popular these days. Online marketers are aware that social media is composed of real people with real needs.

    Make a direct and personalized marketing in this venue by announcing discounts or by broadcasting messages with attention grabbing taglines. These can help to boost your traffic which is one of the primary objectives of SEO.

    3. Write engaging content

    SEO is created to allow search engines to easily find your articles. But it is ultimately intended to help people easily find the information they are looking for on the web.

    You should write content which has the ability to draw people’s interest. Interesting content gives people the desire to share it with their friends and talk about it in social media.

    Another factor that makes social media an interesting part of SEO is Google’s new search algorithm feature. It takes note of the number of times a particular webpage is tweeted as basis for popularity.

    It has made writing a big part of the tie that brings SEO and social media together. It helps to make your online marketing campaign more likely to succeed.


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