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    Feb 21 st, 2012
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    3 Ways to Make Your Blog Earn Money

    If your blog has a good following and it’s getting lots of traffic on a daily basis, it has a big potential to earn cash for you.

    Gone are the days when blogs served as mere online journals. They have become money-making platforms, especially if they are often visited by a large number of readers.

    If you are new to blogging and you are still wondering how to earn cash from it, here are some of the ways to make your web log earn money for you.

    1. Google Adsense for Content

    Google Adsense is the most common method of making money through blogs. It is an online advertising program that you have to register in and in return, it displays relevant advertisement on your blog.

    When your visitors click on the ads, Adsense pays you a corresponding amount. This means that the more clicks the ads get, the more your blog will earn for you. This is the reason why this method is also known as pay-per-click advertising.

    Adsense will also pay you if you allow it to put its search utility in your blog. By placing an AdSense for search box on your site, you’ll generate earnings from ad clicks made by users on the search results pages.

    2. CPM Advertising

    Another way to make your blog earn money is through CPM advertising. CPM simply means cost per thousand. In this type of advertising, Google or any other advertiser does not require your site visitor to do something like clicking on the ad. In CPM advertising, the advertiser will place its ads on your blog and the advertiser pays you every time every time your blog displays a particular ad for one thousand times. In CPM, all you need to do is to work to continuously increase traffic for your blog. You don’t have to spend money for this method, but any new blogs might find this way of advertising difficult as a way to earn money.

    3. Affiliate Programs

    There are many affiliate programs that you can join in to make your blog earn money.

    An affiliate program is an Internet marketing practice done by businesses that sell products or services online. They do it by connecting with third party websites which promote the products or services to their audience and receive a commission in return.

    Examples of businesses that offer affiliate programs include eBay, Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank and Linkshare.


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