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    Nov 14 th, 2011
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    3 Ways to Create Videos

    YouTube is one of the most popular sites that people run to when they search for information on the World Wide Web. Its billions of views everyday make it one of the best marketing hubs on the Internet today.

    You should learn to create videos and make YouTube part of your marketing campaign. This will give added exposure to your website as well as it can increase your sales potential because it enables you to reach millions of people who prefer to watch and listen to video articles rather than reading them.

    Here are three basic ways to create videos:

    1. Talking head

    This method needs you to talk in front of a camera. One of the ways to do it is to speak in front of a camera using an article you have previously written. You need to have good conversational English and an interesting topic in order to keep your viewer’s attention and prevent them from getting bored.

    2. Slide show

    Another option that you can take if you prefer not to be seen in front of the camera is to produce a slide show. You can do it by first creating slides of your content with the help of Power Point. You also need to utilize screen capture software to create a video of your slides.

    You can convert your articles into videos by using software such as Instant Video Articles. This program helps you to create slides. It also automatically converts the slides into videos which you can upload on YouTube. There are also article to video converters which convert your articles into live talking videos when you simply copy and paste you article into the software. You can then upload the output videos to YouTube or any video sharing sites of your choice.

    3. Screen Capture

    There are programs which enable you to record what you’re doing in your computer monitor. A good example to this would be a step by step tutorial on how to use certain software. Screen capture programs such as Camtasia and Screenr allow you to record the steps as you perform them on the screen. After recording, the videos are ready for uploading to YouTube or any other video sharing sites you want.

    These are the most basic methods of creating videos. Depending on what suits your niche, you can use any of these to create your own videos. They can help you reach a wider audience for your online marketing campaign.


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