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    Jul 12 th, 2012
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    3 Types of Written Website Content

    Website content is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of online marketing campaigns. With the right strategies, it can take advantage of the search engines. Any business that is favored by the search engines will have maximum visibility and exposure, and it has a great potential to generate traffic – and sales.

    Webmasters and website content providers have different views about the type of content that they want to publish on their websites. Some put more emphasis on attracting the search engines while others consider quality information as the more important factor that can bring traffic to their websites. These varying beliefs have led web masters to part ways to pursue the type of content that they believe is right for their websites and types of business.

    Here are the three types of written content that you need to consider in your article marketing campaigns:

    1. Spun Content

    Spun content is the least in terms of expense. It also requires lesser effort on the part of the writer especially if he uses software to produce different versions of his articles.

    Spinning articles is a quick way to produce content. But it may have a hard time these days because of the installation of the penguin update on the search engine algorithm. The penguin is made to make an aggressive stance on spun content and it subjects websites to the risk of penalty.

    2. Low Cost Content

    The advantage of using low cost content is its being cheap and economical to use, and because of its low cost, you can have it delivered at a consistent rate. It also allows you to instruct your writers to use specific optimization techniques that you want for your articles.

    This approach is effective if you are particular about the volume of optimized content that you want to receive on a regular basis. But since it is low on cost, it does not carry the quality of a well-polished content.

    While some of the articles are acceptable, you will sometimes find that the process would require you to spend time to edit their articles to ensure that they are consistent with your voice and standards.

    It also requires you to manage your writers and to work with them to come up with content that are compliant with the rules rules set forth by the search engines.

    3. Editorial Quality Content

    Editorial quality content is normally produced by a team of in- house editors whose main job is to produce content which include landing pages, blog posts, written articles, etc. They are skilled in infusing targeted phrases and anchor texts that help to enhance the visibility of websites and web pages.

    This is the ideal setup of a publishing enterprise, but this would not be easy for some website owners to establish. Maintaining a team of professionals would be too costly for small business and budding websites to finance. This is one of the main reasons why outsourcing came into place.

    Outsourcing is the answer to website owners’ desire for editorial quality content. This makes it possible for them to obtain high quality content from skilled and experienced professionals. Its only downside is the increased cost that comes with quality work.


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