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    Mar 27 th, 2012
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    3 Steps to Simplify Your SEO Campaign

    Knowledge about search engine optimization is a must for all individuals who are involved in the business of providing content for the World Wide Web. Whatever their intentions are, it is understood that they want their content to be seen when these are published, and one of the most effective ways to do it is to employ SEO.

    Search engine optimization can look complicated for some online marketers who are just starting off in their business. But there are specific guidelines that can make it simpler – if you just follow them correctly.

    Just like other forms of business practices, online marketing has standards that you need to adopt when you engage in it. This calls for the familiarization of SEO which is one of the most important aspects of online visibility and search engine ranking.

    But it is important to note that modern search engines no longer rely on keywords alone as the sole basis for page ranking. New search engine algorithms are now designed to detect relevancy and quality of content. This is to ensure that the web users are served well when they run to the web to find information. This is the reason why you need to put quality and value above keywords.

    Here are three steps that can help to simplify your SEO campaign:

    1. Make content your highest priority.

    Content is king. People run to the web to find it, but they can easily go away if your content cannot offer quality and value for their time.

    As an online marketer, you must write content with the information, voice and quality that can capture the interest of your visitors and make their time worthwhile. You don’t have to be too concerned about your keywords as you can infuse them later when you finish writing your article. Don’t let your quality suffer just because you want your keyword to take special attention from the search engines.

    One of the best ways to attract search engines and drive traffic is to write quality content as frequently as you can. This can help to build your brand, foster relationships and establish credibility.

    2. Use tags which are relevant to your story.

    Tagging is just a part of the entire SEO process, but doing it incorrectly such as using keywords that are not relevant to your specific content can negatively affect your rankings.

    To properly tag your articles, you need to read back your entire post and take notes of strategic words that you can use as tags.

    3. Use engaging headlines.

    Headlines are as important as the body of your article because they are the first to attract your visitor and engage them to your article body. Eighty percent of people read content because of engaging titles.

    Use a keyword as part of your headline. It can help to make your content visible to search engines.

    4. Once you have posted your new content, you should not forget to inform your social media friends and followers about it.


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