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    Jul 24 th, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    3 Steps to Effectively Rewrite Articles

    There is a thin line that separates article rewriting and copyright infringement.

    Rewriting articles is one of the best ways to write something unique out of a topic that you are not very familiar about. But you need to do it in an intelligent and careful manner in order to avoid “footprints” of the original article into your own. Remember, your written voice should be the one to emerge in the new written piece that you have produced.

    Here are three article rewriting steps that can help you to produce unique articles:

    1. Use two sources for your topic.

    You need to have two sources to ensure that your information is factual and to see to it that you will not be confined to just one writing style. If you base your rewritten content from just one source, you are limiting your capability to write in your own voice.

    2. Read your sources thoroughly.

    Strive to understand your sources by reading each of them from start to finish. Skim reading may be practical for some, but if does not work for you, it’s always good to know and digest the substance of your sources. This can help you present the story in style uniquely your own.

    3. Assemble your article.

    After reading your sources, think of a title that best describes the story you are going to tell. It can help to enable you to create an outline that slowly reveals what your title promises. You should present your story in a way where your ideas don’t stray away from the idea of your article sources. Remember, you should present your story in a way that doesn’t bring forth “footprints” from your sources.

    If you can, break your story down into sub topics or sub headlines to emphasize important points. If there are items that you can list or enumerate, do it to facilitate easy scanning. Do not forget to infuse your own keywords into your new article.

    Do not forget to check your article for uniqueness before making them go live. There’s a lot of online plagiarism checkers that you can use to ensure that your rewritten article is unique and safe to publish.


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