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    May 18 th, 2012
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    3 Steps to Avoid Email Spam

    Emails are one of the most important forms of communication today, but with the intrusion of unwanted spammers, our inboxes have become a messy sight.

    Email spam is everywhere you might even find them in the inbox of the president of the United States. Spammers are so persistent with their craft that they are very difficult to get rid of. That being said, it is important for email account holders to certain principles order to avoid or minimize spam in their emails.

    Here are three useful tips that you can use to avoid email spam:

    1. Sign up with a throw away email account.

    The Internet is flooded with many tempting offers and you might be able to resist some of them. The problem is that most of these offers require you to sign up with your email account. This makes your email address known to an Internet marketer, and you will start to receive emails from that marketer.

    While there are marketers who are willing to give you a chance to opt out and unsubscribe, there are some who are not courteous enough to give you a way out from their reach. This makes your inbox filled with garbage.

    To avoid this, the best thing you should do when you sign up is to use a throw away email account. This can help to keep your official email account free from unwanted messages.

    2. Avoid posting your email address in public places.

    You can easily get spam if you post your email address in public places like social networking sites. Participating in forums and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be fun and rewarding especially if you are engaged in product promotion and traffic generation. But it can have a downside especially if you spill out some important personal information such as your email address. Some people out there are on the lookout for email addresses to receive their unwanted messages.

    You also need to avoid posting your email address on your website as it is a tempting invitation to spam.

    3. Never open spam mail.

    When you find spam in your inbox, the best thing that you need to do is to delete it before opening it. Spammers have a way of knowing if somebody had opened their messages. This would give them the understanding that the email address is active and continue sending more spam to that email address, and worse, they will add your address to a large list and sell it to other spammers.

    Should you want to know the message of the spam mail, you can take a peek at it without actually opening it with the use of Microsoft Outlook.

    If you are sure that the email does not carry anything of value to you, do not open it. Delete it immediately instead.


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