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    Nov 14 th, 2011
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    3 Simple Ways to Rewrite Articles

    For an experienced writer, article rewriting is not a very difficult job as everything you need to put in the new version of your article is there; you only need to revise it to make it unique. One of the things that can slow down a writer in producing a different version of existing articles is their tendency to get bored and tired of looking at the same content.

    There are times when you have to rewrite your articles, most especially when you submit versions of it to top article directories and you want it to be unique in order to get indexed by search engines.

    Here are three simple ways to rewrite articles:

    1. Do it yourself

    If you are the original writer of the article, it would not be difficult for you to produce a new version based on what you have written. Since you have the idea and you know the message of the original content, you can surely find many ways of presenting your work, like changing your headline, rephrasing paragraphs, using synonyms or by writing the story from a different angle.

    One of the things you need to ensure when you rewrite your article is to see to it that the rewritten version remains optimized with the appropriate keyword density and backlinks. This will help to get the attention of search engines and improve your ranking.

    2. Hire a ghostwriter

    There are writers who can’t rewrite articles because of certain factors such as time constraints, boredom, mental block or lack of motivation to write the article from a different angle. Should you come across any of these factors, it might be time for you to consider hiring a ghostwriter to rewrite the article for you.

    Hiring a ghostwriter also carries a certain advantage because they posses a different writing style than yours. The resulting article will surely be unique which addresses the same topic and idea.

    3. Use article rewriting software

    There are lots of article spinning software which are capable of producing hundreds of spun versions of the same article in a matter of minutes.

    But the problem with article spinning software is that their spun versions don’t read well and you need to review them to make sure that awkward sentences are rectified. Unchecked outputs of article spinning software are easily recognizable and if you submit them to article directories, they would surely get rejected.


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