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    Sep 30 th, 2012
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    3 Simple Ways to Evaluate Your Writing Skills

    If you want to make writing a profession, one of the things you need to do to achieve your goal is good written communication skills.

    But before you start to find writing projects, you would always want to make sure that your writing is acceptable to your prospective clients, ezines, or article directories. You need to assess your writing to be sure that it passes the criteria of your clients and their readers. It is a big factor that can help to give you the confidence to vie for writing projects.

    Here are three simple ways to evaluate your writing skills.

    1. Write an article, leave it and review it after two to three days.

    One of the ways to know if your writing is of acceptable standard is to write an article about a subject that you are passionate about then leave it. But you have to come back to review it two to three days later.

    You cannot evaluate the quality of your written piece if you review it right after you finish writing that essay. You have a tendency to be emotionally attached to your article while it is still fresh in your mind and it can affect your judgment. If you own a web log, you may publish your essay and come back to it when your emotional connection to it has subsided. It can put you in a better position to make an objective evaluation of your written work.

    2. Take a hint from the search engines.

    Search engines can help to make a rough evaluation of your writing. The recent search engine algorithms are now equipped with the ability to determine relevancy and quality of web content. Its spiders constantly sweep the web to index websites and to rank them according to the quality of their contents.

    A good Google ranking is an indication that your content is getting favor from readers and search engines.

    3. Post your content on social networking sites.

    Get your content exposed on social networking sites such as Facebook to see if it gets a lot attention from your friends and contacts. If it gets a lot of likes and shares, it is a good indication that your article is well-liked for its information, quality, or substance.

    4. Make an objective evaluation of your work.

    Avoid judging your work as good or bad because it can prevent you from seeing areas that need improvement. Make an objective evaluation of your work instead. You can do this by setting a criterion where flawless means 100. Deduct points from every error that you find. The results can help to let you measure your improvement as you go along in your writing career.


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