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    Dec 12 th, 2011
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    3 SEO Techniques You Should Understand

    Search engine optimization is a strategy used by webmasters and content providers to lure search engines to index their websites and to ensure that their sites are placed at the top of the search results.

    SEO is composed of three techniques has actually three techniques which are intended to promote websites in the search engines. But not all of these SEO methods are recommended because one or two of them employ ways that search engines and most SEO professionals find undesirable.

    Here are the three SEO techniques that you need to understand.

    1. White Hat Technique

    The white hat technique is the most widely used method. Webmasters and SEO professionals use this technique for natural ranking. Some of the ways that this technique employs to optimize websites include the use of limited but strategically located keywords and authentic backlinks within the content. This will help search engines to index the websites and locate the articles when web surfers type the keywords in the search box.

    2. Black Hat Technique

    Most SEO experts and professionals avoid using the black hat technique because it is unethical. On the other hand, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing shun websites that employ this method because it uses unfair tactics to get to the top of the search results in a short period of time. Websites which use black hat techniques face the risk of getting banned by search engines.

    Here are the top characteristics of a black hat technique:

    – It violates the rules of search engines;

    – It has a low regard for users. Users are often disappointed because they are led to a different content each time they click on a website to search for relevant information;

    – It employs keyword stuffing. It fills your content with a long list of keywords which affect the quality and readability of the articles;

    – It uses invisible text by putting keywords in white text on a white background to lure search engines.

    3. Grey Hat Technique

    Grey hat technique is a search engine optimization technique which can’t be classified as either white hat or black hat technique. Many SEO professionals do not recommend the use of grey hat technique because it is questionable and it might affect the reputation of a website. Some common forms of grey hat techniques are cloaking, link-buying and duplicate content.


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