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    Jul 5 th, 2012
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    3 Online Video Marketing Strategies that Won’t Work

    Creating marketing videos for the virtual market can be a challenging job, but with proper planning, the right equipment and application of the necessary skills, it would be much easier to do. It takes experience to master video creation, and committing mistakes is a normal part of the process, especially if you are still trying to become an online video marketing specialist.

    Knowing the right things to do are the primary factors that anyone would want to learn in any endeavor. But knowing what won’t work is not bad either because it lets you know what to avoid to save time and cost.

    Here are three online video marketing strategies that you should avoid because they won’t work:

    1. Creating Offensive Videos

    This is one of the most common pitfalls of new Internet marketers. Most of them are too focused on creating funny videos that they fail to consider morals during the planning stage of the process. This will result in the creation of a funny yet offensive video that can hurt the ego of some of its viewers.

    When you create marketing videos, you should put yourself in the shoes of your target viewers. This can help to make you produce videos that people will like.

    2. Applying Direct Marketing Approach

    Article and video marketing are different from direct advertising. They are intended to inform and educate people about the benefits, uses and techniques involves in using a product. People are tired of seeing commercials everywhere all the time. If you apply direct marketing on your videos, your viewers will surely get tired of it and find another video that’s worth their time.

    But if you are really keen on inserting some sort of an ad on it, just make sure to capture viewer attention first before subtly plugging in your marketing approach.

    3. Creating Long Videos

    Marketing videos are short clips that intend to convey valuable information. They are different from movies or documentaries that tend to dig deep into details. They should not be very long or too short to leave its viewers with more questions than answers.

    You also need to speak clearly in your videos. Remember, you are transmitting information, and if people can’t get enough from it, they will not stay on a second longer.

    If you can create useful and informative videos between three to five minutes long, you are more likely to hit the jackpot in your niche, and your target audience would be asking you to produce more videos with topics that can provide answers to their pressing problems.

    These are the three most common pitfalls of online video marketing creation. You should know them so that you can avoid getting caught in a situation that can spoil your brand and reputation.


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