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    May 28 th, 2012
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    3 Most Common SEO Mistakes that can Spoil Your Rankings

    Search engine optimization is this generation’s most popular strategy to maximize the exposure and visibility of online files.

    All files that are published online including instructional, educational, marketing, informational, promotional, news, press releases and documentaries employ SEO. This is how important search engine optimization is in the online industry.

    SEO is probably the only strategy that can effectively take a website to the top pages of search engine results. But despite this, many webmasters and content providers still wonder why their SEO hasn’t given their websites the exposure that they aim for. This is because it involves certain standards that every webmaster and content provider needs to observe.

    Search engine optimization is a strategy that needs to be done correctly.

    To get the best results, you should understand how search engine algorithms work. You should also be updated with the latest search engine rules and avoid committing mistakes for they can be fatal to your aim for maximum online exposure.

    Here are 3 of the most common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid, to prevent them from spoiling your rankings.

    1. Poor Quality Content

    Web content is intended for human visitors. No matter how you optimize it for the search engines, it will not attract people if it does not contain value and usefulness. SEO is useless if your content is not interesting enough to catch people’s attention.

    Modern search engines have the capability to detect the relevance, uniqueness, and overall quality of web content. You should give content quality primary consideration if you want to do well in your aim for traffic and search engine rankings.

    2. Bad Back Linking Strategy

    Back linking is a good strategy that helps to enhance the popularity of any website, but it would take some time to realize its fruits.

    Normally, a website should be able to make its presence felt on the web before it can establish a considerable number of backlinks.

    Backlinks that are acquired in a short span of time is an indication that somebody behind that website is using software to spam the web with their URL.

    This is black hat SEO. You should avoid using it because it can prompt search engines to flag your site and penalize or ban it completely from the search index.

    3. Failure to Implement On-Page Optimization

    On-page optimization refers to the technique of making a website rank well in search engines by means of using HTML code and implementing meta tags, meta tag description, proper keyword placement and keyword density, and proper URL structure.

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