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    Jan 11 th, 2012
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    3 Most Common Mistakes of SEO Content Writers

    SEO content writing is a process that involves specific guidelines. If you are a website owner who wants to fill your site with search engine optimized content but doesn’t have the knowledge or time to do it, you need to hire a good SEO content writer to do the job for you.

    Content writers are in demand nowadays. It is because there are thousands of websites that need search engine optimized content.

    It takes someone who has some background or knowledge of search engine optimization to identify a good SEO content writer. For the sake of website owners who are not quite well versed with search engine optimization practices, this article aims to articulate the 3 most common mistakes of SEO content writers. These are:

    1. Keyword overstuffing

    In the early days of the Internet, keyword stuffing was an effective tool for attracting the search engines. But it is not so anymore these days. Search engine algorithms have already evolved to detect excessive use of keywords. Content that is saturated with keywords are considered spam nowadays, and your website can get penalized for it.

    2. Use of generic keywords

    Stiff competition has brought keywords down to its lowest level. This means that when your writer use generalized keywords for your content, you won’t be able to get the page rank that you hope for – your top competitors had taken the most prominent places for those keywords for sure. Remember, the more specific your keywords are, the more targeted traffic you are going to get, and the higher it will take you in the search results page.

    It is almost impossible for you to find this article if you just type “SEO” or “content writers” in the search box. But if you use “common mistakes of seo content writers,” you will have a big chance of finding it easily.

    3. Improper keyword placement

    One of the most common mistakes that SEO content writers make is the improper placement of keywords in the article. Keywords are more effective when search engines find them in appropriate places like the article title, the first and last paragraph of your article and the resource box. It would be better if your writer can put one or two secondary keywords in the body of the article. This can also help to attract search engines.

    These are the three most common mistakes of SEO content writers. You can use them to evaluate your prospect writer. You can also make this as a reference to correct a practice that involves these mistakes.


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