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    Dec 6 th, 2011
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    3 Important Objectives of SEO

    Search engine optimization has become one of the most important terms in the Internet marketing today. With its power to build your brand and give it unlimited online exposure, SEO can do wonders for your online business. It can also spell the difference between you and your competitors.

    People are talking about SEO, but many of them are not quite aware how it can turn any online business around. It is important to understand that SEO is not a shortcut for online marketing success. It is a method used to make your web content easily accessible to humans with the help of search engines. Its ultimate goal is to boost your revenue by driving traffic to your website, but it has other important objectives. These are:

    1. To establish you as an expert

    SEO optimized articles which provide value and information can establish you as an expert. It carries the ability to lead your readers to your website to see what you can offer to enhance their knowledge, answer their concerns and turn them into paying customers.

    When people see you as an expert, you will earn a degree of credibility that makes it easier for you to convince them.

    2. To Syndicate your content

    Writing SEO articles and submitting them to article directories is not the only way to syndicate content. In fact, article submission sites were originally created for the purpose of making it a platform where webmasters can get free content to publish on their own websites.

    Articles which are reprinted by other websites increase their chances of getting inbound links aside from the potential traffic provided by article directories.

    You can also create an opportunity for additional exposure by exchanging links with related websites or blogs. Just make sure that the site that you will be exchanging links with are highly credible and have good standings with search engines.

    Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also effective venues to syndicate your articles to. You just have to inform your friends and other members of your community that you have published a fresh SEO article together with a link to your content. People who find your article useful will surely share the information with their friends.

    3. To promote your products

    Good SEO articles are packed with information and value. Their primary purpose is to attract readers, but their ultimate goal is to promote and sell your products.

    These are the three important objectives of SEO. SEO articles are intended to build your brand, establish a relationship, build your credibility and win people’s trust. These are the most effective factors that can help to sell your products and services.


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