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    Feb 21 st, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    3 Good Reasons for Rewriting Articles

    Article rewriting is a skill that a writer can develop through consistent practice. Many people think that rewriting articles is an easy job only to realize later on that it is not that simple.

    Writers must know how to rewrite articles. This will allow them to convey the same message in another form without being charged of duplicating content. Here are four good reasons why people should learn to appreciate the value of rewriting articles:

    1. Rewrite an existing article that you intend to submit to article directories.

    When you intend to submit an article that you have already published in your site, you need to rewrite it to prevent other people, especially competitors, from copying your original article and posting them in their websites.

    This creates the possibility that your site will be competing for keywords with other sites which use the same articles that you wrote.

    2. Rewrite the article if you intend to use that same article on more than one web page.

    There are times in which you would intend to use the same article in multiple websites or web pages because of their keywords or key phrases. If you use exactly the same article on your other sites or web pages, you will be competing against yourself.

    You can avoid this from happening if you will rewrite your articles before posting them to your other sites or web pages.

    3. Rewrite the article if you intend to use it for different keywords.

    This is applicable to outsourced content providers and freelance writers. There are instances in which your client or employer would like to use the same content with a different set of keywords. This entails a slight revision of the article to accommodate the keywords and to make them well suited to the ideas presented in the content.

    A change of keywords can change the meaning of the message. You need to change the structure of the sentences in order to successfully relay the message that you intended to convey.

    These are some of the valid reasons why you need to rewrite articles. If you want to rewrite articles, you should be sure that it is necessary. Do it professionally so that it can help to promote your website or business.

    Rewritten articles that leave footprints of the original may harm your reputation with the search engines. You should write original articles if the situation doesn’t call for rewritten content. After all, rewriting is a bit harder than composing original content.


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