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    Jan 17 th, 2012
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    3 Factors that Make Content More Visible

    Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your online presence and improve your traffic and sales potential. This is in fact the most popular online marketing method being used on the web today.

    But despite its effectiveness, this tool has its share of setback as it becomes ineffective if you won’t seriously consider what your target market wants to find online.

    Content matters only when someone searches for information regarding your niche or topic. It’s where things begin to happen online. Content should therefore be easily seen on the web to enable it to accomplish its other objectives which include conveying information, building credibility and establishing a relationship.

    Towards this end, content marketing professionals looked for ways to make content easily searchable from the point of view of their target market. This has enabled them to identify three main elements that help to make content marketing a success.

    1. Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is one of the most important elements that make content easy to find. It is a strategy that uses important keywords as part of content. These are the words that your prospects use to find information on the web. These are the words that search engines use to find your webpage.

    Capturing the attention of humans and search engines is only your first step for success. Content marketing is a process. You need your prospects to go further by reading your content, and you can do it by providing honest, informative and compelling content that engages your readers.

    2. Authority

    Authority on the subject, this is another element that both search engines and humans love to see in your content. Readers run to the web for information, and when they find that your content talks about your niche with confidence and authority, they will believe you and position you as an expert. This is where credibility and relationship begins.

    3. User Intent

    Content marketers need to take into account the ways web surfers use when trying to find information on the web. Understanding user intent will help you to create a system that makes your content easily seen. The three basic types of user intent are:

    i) Informational – this refers to information sought for by a searcher through a query.

    ii) Navigational – This happens when a prospect searches for a specific website for information instead of a topic or niche.

    iii) Transactional – This is a search that happens when prospect makes a search with the intent of doing something, like download a software or document or buy something online.

    These are the factors that help to make your content easily seen on the web. But you should take note that visibility is just a part of the many aspects of an effective content marketing campaign.


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