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    Jul 16 th, 2012
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    3 Factors that Help Freelance Writers to Establish Client Base

    Freelance writers are not like regular office employees; they don’t work for employers who provide them with regular nine-to- five jobs. They earn a living through clients who supply them with work. Freelance writers will earn nothing without clients who can give them a steady flow of income.

    But since freelancers are not attached to their clients as regular employees are related to their employers, freelance writers need a client base to provide them with steady work. Maintaining one or two clients might not be sufficient as they can go away any minute for a lot of reasons.

    As a freelance writer, you need to maintain a number of clients to keep your career going. Here are three factors that can help freelance writers to establish a client base:

    1. A website

    You need to build and maintain your own website to serve as a showroom of your services to your potential clients. This will help to make your product visible in the online market. A few bucks are necessary for the purchase of a domain name, but all these are just part of an investment that can give you good returns.

    But you need to make sure that your website contains the essential information such as your contact information, educational background, links to your published work, fresh articles that showcase your writing skills, and your rates. These are the basic information that clients want to determine if you are fit for the job.

    2. Develop a skill of writing informative query letters.

    Your website is intended to enable potential clients to find you, but you can do more to get additional clients by sending out query letters to make yourself known to your potential customers.

    Make your query letters interesting by giving away important facts about your services, but they should be short and direct to the point. It is not easy to capture your prospects’ attention, but you can do this by having personal knowledge of your target clients, and one of the ways to know them is to visit their websites and to know what their businesses are about. Observe their sites’ writing structure and personality and apply them in writing your query letter. It can help to capture the interest of your target customers, but you need to be patient with this; not all query letters are responded to.

    3. Exceed Expectations

    Each new client wants to get a lasting impression of your writing skills, professionalism and dedication. Do this by sticking to their guidelines and submitting flawless work before the deadline. Keep communication open and always ask questions to clarify something. Your clients love it if you can deliver what they want.

    As a freelance writer, you need to establish a client base. It is your most important asset to keep your career going.


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