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    Jul 8 th, 2012
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    3 Factors that Enable YouTube to Improve Website Rankings

    The web is a virtual space where websites are as numerous as there are stars in the universe, and it continues to grow by the day. With the ever increasing number of web pages, competition has become so stiff that it is very difficult for any website to get high rankings in the search engines.

    Search engine optimization is an effective strategy that enables websites to get the online exposure that they want, but with the overwhelming competition among websites, it is not a guarantee. Getting a website to the top pages of the search results is a difficult mission because almost all web pages are SEO optimized.

    In order to improve website visibility, many webmasters and SEO professionals resort to unconventional techniques. These include the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social networking sites are places where a majority of online users converge in any given day. Web pages that are promoted in these sites have a big potential to improve their visibility.

    The creation of video sharing sites like YouTube has made a way for the emergence of a new market. It has become a new element that can help to drive traffic to a website and improve its rankings. It is in fact, one of the most effective techniques being used today.

    Here are three factors that enable Youtube to improve website rankings:

    1. Complete YouTube Meta Tag Data.

    YouTube videos that carry strategic keywords, descriptions and tags have very high chances of getting to the top pages of Google search results.

    2. YouTube videos that are embedded on your site.

    SEO optimized YouTube videos that are embedded on your website can help to improve your site’s popularity and exposure. It can help to make more people see your videos through your website and it can lead to an increase of your site’s ranking in the search engines. Google favors websites that have YouTube videos embedded into them.

    3. Creation of your own channel.

    If you have already produced a lot of videos, it would be good to create your own channel to house all your video content. This channel should contain a link to your web page to serve as a backlink which points to your website. YouTube is a high-traffic site and search engines like Google favor sites that contain one-way links from popular websites.

    With the increasing number of websites on the web, competition for the top pages of search results has become difficult. This has prompted webmasters, content providers and SEO professionals to devise ways to improve a site’s search engine rankings. This is one of the reasons why they have discovered YouTube as a method for improving website visibility and ranking.


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