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    May 11 th, 2012
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    3 Factors of Web Copywriting Success

    Web copywriting is a treasured art in the online industry. It is one of the factors that determine the success or failure of a website or online business.

    It deals with content that has to be fresh, engaging, entertaining, informative, and compelling. Its ultimate purpose is to make a sale and therefore, it should be able to draw lots of visitors and keep them coming back for more.

    Online success does not happen in an instant. It demands hardwork, persistence, patience and skills and there’s no shortcut for it. There’s no other way to the top but through the right way – and it involves knowing important factors that help to make your website or web log interesting.

    Here are three factors of web copywriting success that you need to know and apply:

    1. Understand the behavior of your site visitors.

    You are sure that your website and content are optimized for search engines and human visitors, and your keywords are popular yet less competitive – but still you are wondering why visitors cannot stay long enough to read your entire message. You also notice that your visitors are not coming back

    This simply means that you don’t have a problem with site visibility, but you might have a problem with your content. If your messages are not fresh or if the information you provide is not relevant to your keywords, you can’t expect your visitors to stay long enough.

    One way to tickle the interest of your target audience is to provide them fresh, valuable information and to give them some special offers that can make them feel that they are valued in your website.

    2. Give your readers what they want.

    People run to the web for information, but most of them don’t intend to read everything that is written in there. Many people, once they get into a website through the search engines, don’t read and scroll through but they scan because they want to get immediately to the information they want.

    People who use the web to harvest information are known to have little attention spans. They usually do a quick search and once they found the right website, their demands become more specific. They want the site to provide results, quality information and site navigability.

    3. Provide your site with engaging content and make it easy for your visitors to get what they want.

    Visitors who find your content worth their time often go further into your copy and perhaps buy what you have to offer. Make it easy for them to arrive at this stage by providing eye-catching headlines and an equally interesting content.

    Emphasize important keywords by highlighting them.

    Avoid using complex words and long sentences. Use short paragraphs to give your reader some breathing space but be coherent with your ideas.

    Use sub-headlines for scannability and to emphasize important points.

    Use bullet points to enumerate important items.

    Use a compelling call to action to lead your reader to the next level.


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