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    Aug 4 th, 2012
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    3 Easy Ways to Proofread Articles

    The job of article writers is not limited to researching, writing unique articles, and submitting them to their clients or posting them online.

    Article writers should see to it that their written pieces are of good quality before these are submitted for publishing. It is the duty of every article writer to make sure that his essays are free from typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

    Failure to spot and check article writing errors can result in rejection. This will not only make you spend additional time and effort rectifying the same article, it can also tarnish your reputation as an expert. It is therefore required of content providers to proofread their writing to ensure quality. It can greatly help to maintain their credibility and reliability.

    Here are some of the easiest ways you can do to proofread your articles.

    1. Organize your article.

    Proper paragraphing is one of the simplest ways to organize an article. You should break your article into shorter paragraphs to make it easier to read and understand. A paragraph that contains five to eight short sentences that dwell on one idea is easier to check.

    2. See to it that each word is spelled correctly.

    You can make this process easier by using a spell checking software that automatically spots misspelled words. Word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Open Office is equipped with spelling and grammar checkers. They can help you to proofread your writing easier and faster.

    It is advisable to use word processing software that is equipped with a spelling and grammar checker when you assemble your articles. It can help to make you proofread and edit your essay more efficiently.

    3. Check your article for grammatical errors.

    Checking for grammatical errors requires more time and effort than spotting typos and spelling mistakes. This process needs your focus and attention to every word and sentence to ensure that you are using appropriate words to convey your message. Most spelling and grammar checkers don’t have the capability to detect errors in your use of tenses and you must pay special attention to them when you proofread your articles.

    These are the most important steps that you need to do to proofread your articles. Remember, quality is the most important element that can add to the appeal of your article. Your written pieces may contain great information, but in the absence of quality, they would be lacking in credibility. You should always proofread your written work to see to it to ensure quality in your writing. It is is one of the factors that can establish you as a professional.


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