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    Jul 24 th, 2012
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    3 Beneficiaries of Content Syndication

    Even with the advent of new online marketing strategies, content syndication remains to be a top contender in the area of information dissemination and visibility enhancement.

    Information dissemination is what the web is partly about. It plays a big role in keeping together two of the most valuable players in the online industry, people and search engines.

    The Internet has become a very important part of man’s personal and business activities. He runs to the web to know anything that he wants, and he even refers to it before deciding to buy any product.

    Businesses are also doing the same; they seek the help of search engines for information especially about products that they want to buy. In that sense, businesses that distribute content across the web have greater advantage than the rest that do not promote their websites, products or services.

    Article marketing that is done through content distribution is such a powerful marketing tool. It has an unlimited potential to bring traffic to a website of business.

    But content distribution does not benefit one entity alone. There are other parties that can take advantage of its potentials. Here are the three beneficiaries of content syndication:

    1. The Owner

    The owner of the content will benefit from the information in terms of added exposure that the search engines and article directories can give. The owner of the content is usually the operator of the website or business that his articles are trying to promote online.

    The information that the owner shares with his audience will have an impact. It can establish him as an authority on the field that he is writing about. This will help him to market his products. Exposure helps to build credibility.

    2. The Information Consumers

    The readers are the consumers of the content distributed by the authors. Information consumers are not the type that stumbles upon information on the web and disappears. They are the ones who need information on an ongoing basis.

    These are the bloggers, product marketers, managers, businessmen and distributors who want to continuously get updated information about the product or industry that they are involved in – to enrich their knowledge base or to gather important information before deciding to purchase the product.

    3. The Content consumers

    Content consumers are people who need information on a constant. They need it to enrich their own knowledge so that they can pass this on to their own audience through their blogs or marketing materials. Other people that use content include product marketers, businessmen and researchers who want to enhance their own information about the subject.

    Distribution of content has a lot to offer not only to its originators but it also benefits its readers as well. The most important thing is to share relevant, useful, quality information that can make everybody win.

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