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    Feb 13 th, 2012
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    3 Aspects of Effective Web Copywriting

    Writing good web copies is the main objective of content providers and copywriters. It is one of the keys that can help them catch the interest of web users in the hope of generating traffic.

    Here are three of the most important aspects of a good web copy:

    1. Vocabulary and Spelling

    Good vocabulary is a website’s main source of attraction as it makes up the information that the site intends to convey. Good vocabulary in a web copy refers to the use of simple words that matter to your target audience.

    Writing a good web copy means being easily understood by your readers. Do not try to impress your audience by using words which require them to use a dictionary to understand your message. Make it easy on your audience by making web copies that make sense to them.

    Aside from using simple words, you also need to make sure that your spelling is correct. Many web users are very particular about spelling; they want to make sure that their source of information is a professional and the information is a reliable one. Spelling mistakes often indicate that it is written by an amateur. It can negatively affect your credibility.

    2. Visuals

    The appearance of your content is another important aspect of good web copy. There are certain website features that people are accustomed to seeing and you need to use them to avoid your audience from getting confused.

    Normally, web content is organized in this manner: Headline at the top, the article body with perhaps a few pictures in the middle and a call to action or a “Buy Now” button somewhere at the bottom of the page.

    It is also common to see hyperlinks which are blue and underlined. It is difficult to dig why hyperlinks are underlined and colored blue, except that it has become a norm. It would be wise to follow this to avoid confusing your audience; they might not click on your hyperlink thinking that using a different color has another meaning.

    3. Headlines and Titles

    Headlines and titles are one of the most essential elements of a good web copy. They are the first to catch the eye of your visitors and induce them to read on.

    Your headlines need to be catchy and interesting. It should imply a promise that can arouse the reader’s curiosity. It should also be able to catch the attention of search engines with the infusion of important keywords in it. Keywords are words that users of the web type in the search box when they look for information about your niche. It is very important for you to know them to make your content search friendly.

    You also need to make your content scannable by using sub headlines. This can help to keep your readers stay on to read only the parts that are interesting or appealing to them.


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