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    Mar 5 th, 2011
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    25 Useful Ideas to Spark Creativity for Your Website Content

    Sometimes you hit a brick wall and cannot think of anything further to write about for your site. You feel like you’ve already covered every possible topic and the fact that you haven’t posted any new content in a while is giving you incredible writer’s block. This is especially true if you have a niche website and the focus is somewhat narrow.

    25 written content ideas to help you get started:

    1. Look at a previous post you did and do an update with new information and results you’ve had since you first wrote it.
    2. Check out current trends and write about one that affects your niche.
    3. Use Yahoo search suggestion to help you find topics. Type in your main word(s) and see the 10 different suggestions they give you.
    4. Do a controversial post having to do with some small aspect of your niche that you don’t like.
    5. Consider changing your stance on a previous post and explain how you’ve arrived at the change and what difference it has made.
    6. Do a Q and A post and answer questions you’ve gotten from your readers’ comments or in your email.
    7. If you read other blogs, and I’m sure you do, keep your mind open to ideas. One little thing they write about could be expanded into a whole subject for you to write about.
    8. Find questions that need answers. If your niche is Internet marketing, go to the Warrior Forum. If you’re a niche marketer, go to your favorite niche forum.
    9. Use your site to sound off on a big hot topic being discussed in the forums.
    10. Flip through magazines at the bookstore and get ideas from their articles.
    11. Peruse EzineArticles using your keyword in the search function and use these articles to trigger new content ideas for you.
    12. Write about the tools you use in your niche; why you use them and how they’ve helped you.
    13. Look at sales pages for products in your niche and use the bullets to give you ideas on topics to write about.
    14. Go through products you’ve purchased in the past and find pointers that you could expand on in your article.
    15. Check out your stash of PLR. Take a couple tips from a PLR article and turn it into a full-blown article.
    16. List out your favorite resources in your niche.
    17. Write about your top 10 favorite ebooks or physical books in your genre.
    18. Look at the table of contents of a book and see if the chapter titles spark any ideas on what to write about.
    19. Check out what you get in a keyword suggestion tool.
    20. Search through the newsletters and periodicals you get via email and snail mail.
    21. Ask an expert in your field 3 questions and write up the answers. Expand on the mini-interview.
    22. Put your subject into Google’s WonderWheel and look at all the spokes. If nothing interests you there, click on one of the spokes to get further ideas.
    23. Write about your latest results in an experiment you’ve been trying.
    24. Pen your short term goals with respect to your niche.
    25. Go for a long walk and open your mind up to the possibilities.

    Hopefully these ideas will help you get started writing content again when you feel you’re all tapped out. Everyone hits that brick wall sooner or later, but as you can see from the above listed content ideas, there are ways to get around it.


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