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    May 11 th, 2012
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    2 Basic Types of Professional Copywriting

    Marketing is one of the primary pillars of good business. It is the moneymaker of any enterprise and it is the key that opens the door to brand building and product promotion.

    But marketing could not run smoothly without the factor that fuels it up – and that factor is copywriting.

    Copywriting is bloodline of marketing because it is responsible for producing the copies that promote the business and its products. It is the creative process of conceptualizing advertisement strategies and creating compelling prose to promote the product or service, with sales as its ultimate purpose.

    There are two basic forms of professional copywriting. These are high-quality copywriting and small-scale copywriting. Both of these copywriting techniques are intended to tell the reader of the benefits of using the product, yet they differ in a lot of ways.

    1. Small-scale Copywriting

    Small-scale copywriting is usually associated with the labeling process of a certain product.

    It is the simple selling point that the product manufacturers printed on the product label. It tells its prospect buyers of its best qualities, like its freshness, its flavor or aroma, its being environment friendly or its being fortified with vitamins or minerals. It is a personalized form of advertisement that appeals to the user’s preferences.

    2. High-quality Copywriting

    High-quality copywriting is sometimes referred to as mass-audience advertisements. It is a professional copywriting technique that requires great copywriting skills and it is intended to entice masses of people to buy a product or service.

    This type of copywriting is used by large corporations, restaurant chains and big businesses to promote their products or services. This requires professionalism and great skills.

    These are the two basic types of copywriting that we often encounter in our day to day activities. Both of these are intended to subtly entice us to buy.

    Small-scale copywriting does not require great copywriting skills, but it is more personal; you are reading the benefits while holding the product in your hands.

    Mass-audience commercial on the other hand, is intended to entice a multitude to buy. It requires professionalism and excellent skills. It intends to lead the reader subtly, from letting him or her know the brand and its uses and benefits until the point that it touches on the reader’s ideals or emotions.

    And as the reader continues, he or she will begin to see the advantage of having the product and agree with the content. Then he makes the decision to purchase and click on the order button as he sees the call to action.


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