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    Sep 2 nd, 2012
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    13 Effective Tips for Blogging Success

    With the advent of the World Wide Web, business blogs have become an important part of businesses, including small ones. They play a big role in enhancing the visibility of the business and strengthening the relationship between the people behind the business and their existing customers.

    Business blogs also help to establish credibility and customer service support. It might sound easy to some but for others, especially the newbies, it could be a challenging task, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Building a search engine and customer friendly blog requires time and effort. And if you want to establish this kind of blog, you might need to consider some tips that can help you attain blogging success. Here are some of them:

    1. Write compelling headlines.

    Your headline is the first element that attracts people. It makes them decide to read or ignore your blog post. You must always see to it that your headline has the capability to grab reader attention to make them read the rest of your content.

    2. Write an engaging first paragraph.

    Like the title, your first paragraph plays a big role in holding your readers and keeping them engaged. You should compose an engaging paragraph that would compel your reader to read on to know more details about your topic.

    3. Keep sentences short.

    You can bore your readers with long, complex sentences, especially if they contain just a little information to keep them interested. You should break long sentences into a few shorter, readable and understandable ones to avoid confusing or boring your reader.

    4. Avoid using fluffy adjectives.

    Blog posts are meant to inform, teach, solve problems, or respond to customer queries. They should be written in a simple, direct to the point manner with nothing more than facts that are transmitted in a friendly, conversational tone. You should avoid using fluff in your blog posts. It can send your readers away.

    5. Use keywords phrases.

    Make your post easy to find by using keywords or keyword phrases that most people use to search for information about your niche. Put them in strategic places in your content including your headline, your first paragraph, and two more times in your article body.

    6. Utilize white spaces.

    White spaces help to make it easy on your readers’ eyes and promote the readability of your content. It also helps to give your readers some breathing space between paragraphs.

    7. Use Lists and bullet points.

    Presenting your content in the form of lists and bullet points help your readers to see the important points of your article. They also help to make you article easier to scan or skim through.

    8. Utilize bold text and italics.

    Using bold text in sub headlines or italics in important points can help to attract reader attention.

    9. Link to relevant blogs and authority sites as much as possible.

    Linking to credible blogs and authority sites can help to tell search engines that you are doing serious business. It can also help to improve your rankings in the search engines.

    10. Keep your posts short and sweet.

    Brevity can help to keep your readers interested. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality for it. A 500 to 700-word article that is compact with relevant information would be good especially with the presence of the panda update.

    11. Offer solutions to your readers’ problems.

    Blogs are interactive platforms and you can use them as a venue to know and offer solutions to solutions to your readers’ problems. As you can see, blogs that accept reader feedback and offer solutions are popular, and they keep their readers coming back.

    12. Proofread your posts before publishing them.

    Blog articles are not as strict as journalistic articles in terms of grammar. But you still need to proofread them before publishing them online to ensure that typos, misspellings and faulty sentences are avoided. These things are a complete turn-off to most readers.

    13. Close your post.

    You should close your post with a short conclusion as an indication that you have given your final thought on the topic.

    These are some of the most important elements that are necessary to make your business blog interesting. You can use them to make your business grow in online popularity.


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