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    Mar 7 th, 2012
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    12 Aspects of Effective Website Copies

    As a content provider or website owner, your primary objective is to drive traffic to your websites, but your main goal is to generate sales.

    Once you are able to get lots of traffic, your next task will be to convert your visitors into customers. This calls for a persuasive website copy that convinces your reader to heed your call to action.

    Here are some tips that can help you to make effective website copies:

    1. Determine your unique selling position.

    Your unique selling position is what makes your website different from the rest. You should cite this advantage within the opening sentences of your web copy. This can help to make your visitors understand the true purpose of your website.

    2. Emphasize the benefits.

    When people visit your site, one of the very first questions they are going to ask is “what’s in it for me?” This is because every potential customer almost always wants to be benefited for buying your product or service. That’s what they are spending their money for. This is the reason why you should stress the benefits of your product or service in the first few paragraphs of your web copy.

    3. Break your content by using headlines and sub-headlines.

    Most web users scan web pages and only read information that interest them. Make your content appealing to your visitors by breaking them up into headlines and sub-headlines.

    4. Write short paragraphs.

    Make your content more understandable by writing short paragraphs of five to 10 sentences.

    5. Use bullet points.

    Use bullet points to emphasize important items. This will help to attract the attention of users who love to scan web pages to get information.

    6. Include action verbs.

    Action verbs like discover, get, reveal, know, etc. have the ability to grab reader attention. Use these words at the beginning of your paragraphs to make your copy more engaging.

    7. Write in a conversational manner.

    Web copies need to be written in a conversational manner to make your reader feel that your message is intended for him or her. By writing like you’re speaking to a friend over a cup of coffee makes your message more personal and friendly. It can help to build rapport with your reader whom you wanted to build a relationship with.

    8. Use of images to enhance your content.

    There are times when content becomes more emphatic when you provide images to it. Use images to make your content more understandable.

    9. Make your page easy on the eyes.

    You might have the ability to give persuasive messages, but if you put them on a cluttered web page, no one would want to read them. Make your copy easy on the eyes by utilizing white spaces on your web pages.

    10. Optimize your web copy by infusing it with your main keywords.

    Keywords make it easy for search engines to find your website or web page. Make your web page search friendly by infusing it with keywords that people use when they search for information about your topic. You can use a keywords research tool to determine which keywords have less competition and high search volumes per month. Put these keywords in your title, in the headline, in your article body, and in the meta tags of your web pages. This will help to enhance your visibility.

    11. Lead your reader to the next step.

    You visitors will easily leave your website if you don’t tell them what to do next. A clear call to action can help your reader decide what to do and where to go after reading your copy. It can lead to a purchase, subscription or the downloading of a free report which can be beneficial to your business.

    12. Proofread your copy.

    This is the most important step that you should do before publishing your content. You need to proofread your work to eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes. They can make your copy amateurish and unprofessional.

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