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    Sep 28 th, 2011
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    11 Types of Materials that can be Converted to Podcasts

    Just like blogging, podcasting is gaining popularity in the online marketing business because it promises many benefits.

    Since the day podcasting was introduced into the web, it has evolved into many forms to help businesses with their marketing strategies. Here are some of the most common forms of materials that businesses are converting into podcasts:

    1. Audio Books

    Nowadays, life has become so fast that many people lack the time to stop to read. Earlier, reading books aloud were only used for children and the visually impaired. Now, many people, especially businessmen who want to make the best of the time, choose to listen to books on tape while traveling or doing other things. Audio books are less bulky, more portable and can be used anywhere. This is the reason why many audio books are converted into podcasts.

    2. Audio Tours

    Audio tours that provide detailed explanations of historic sites or museum displays have also been converted to podcasts for the benefit and convenience of tourists and their guides.

    3. Sermons

    Religious discussions, sermons and interpretations of the word of God have now reached a different level. These dialogs, exchanges and homilies are now being converted to podcasts in order to reach new audiences to touch more lives.

    4. Demos of Independent Artists

    Independent artists, especially musicians who intend to build a fan base are no longer limited by geographical restrictions. Podcasting has opened a wider horizon for independent musical artists to reach wider audiences.

    5. Foreign Language Lessons

    Learning a foreign language has been made easier with podcasting. It allows the student to listen to the phrasings and accents for as long as he wants until he has mastered the particular lesson.

    6. Recipes

    If you don’t have time to watch cooking shows on television, you can download their podcasts and enhance your cooking prowess at a time and place of your own choosing.

    7. Showing Homes for Realtors

    Podcasting can be a great tool for realtors because it has the capability to show their homes to potential buyers anytime at their convenience. Aside from being able to market their homes to a wider audience base, podcasting also works in favor of the realtors because it is cost-effective.

    8. Sporting Event Commentaries

    Sports enthusiasts love to listen to sports event commentaries and opinions. But to many of them who don’t have much time to witness the occasion, listening to podcasts is just a perfect alternative.

    9. Medical Instructions

    Lots of medical schools have recorded a variety of heart murmurs for their students to study. The podcasts allow the cardiology students to familiarize the sound patterns and the corresponding heart defect that the sounds imply. The ability to recognize sound patterns from podcasts greatly help medical students to identify abnormalities of real patients.

    10. Class Lectures

    Class lectures which are converted to podcasts greatly help university students to make their students learn even if they are away from their classrooms.

    11. Corporate Updates

    Businesses are embracing podcasting as a perfect way to communicate with remote staff regarding various subject matters. Podcasting is a very cost effective tool that companies can use in educating a wide-spread sales force regarding new products. Before, it was necessary for members of at the company’s sales team to travel in order to learn of the benefits, features and selling points of new products or services. This expense can be eliminated through podcasting.


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