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    Feb 29 th, 2012
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    10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

    Using web logs or blogs is a good and inexpensive way for companies to reach out to their customers. It has become a platform where businesses can interact with their patrons regarding business news, product developments, product promotions, customer concerns and other issues.

    Here are 10 more reasons why your business needs a blog:

    1. Blogs are easy to update.

    Unlike static websites, blogs are easy to update. In fact, you can add new content to it in just a matter of minutes. Static sites require you to use FTP files to update it, but with blogs, all you need is to login to your administration panel in order to post new content.

    2. You can change your blog theme without affecting its content.

    Blogs are database driven. It gives you the option to change your blog’s design without disturbing the content.

    3. Web logs are search engine friendly.

    Search engines love blogs, especially those that are frequently updated.

    4. They carry automatic RSS feeds.

    With web logs, it is easy to syndicate content because their software is integrated with RSS feeds. It gives your site the ability to automatically notify other sites that subscribe to your feeds every time your web log publishes a new post.

    5. They help to build link popularity.

    Blogs that contain valuable content will have many other blogs linking to it, and the more incoming links they receive from other sites, the more popular they become. This can help to increase you site’s rankings in search engines, especially Google.

    6. They are interactive.

    Blogs are interactive and they encourage their visitors to post comments on your posts. This can help businesses learn their readers’ views on particular issues. It can also help them to identify their customers and know their needs and concerns.

    7. Blogs can earn money.

    Blogs have become more flexible as they are equipped with plugins which makes it easier for you to place Adsense Ads on your blog pages. Your blog can also earn money through affiliate marketing. You can also use it to promote your own product.

    9. Blogs are customizable.

    Blogging software, most especially wordpress, has hundreds of plugins and themes which you can use to make your blog as pleasing as it can be to your visitors.

    9. They are easy to manage.

    Blogs are equipped with features which makes them easier to administer. With blogs, publishing content is always simple and easy.

    10. They help to market your newsletter.

    With spam blockers that reside in your business prospects’ computers or their web hosts’ servers, it’s getting difficult for emails to get through to their inboxes. But if you have a blog with an RSS feed, your visitors can easily receive your business emails if they subscribe to that feed. You can also add incoming links to your blog by including its URL in your emails.


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