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    Mar 5 th, 2011
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    10 Proven Ways to Repurpose Your Web Content

    10 Great Ways To Repurpose Your Content
    Did you know when you write, you should have an eye to how you can repurpose your content now or sometime down the line? You’ve gone to all the hard work of writing it; why not reuse it in different ways. Now that’s really getting mileage out of your time and material!

    Here are 10 ways to repurpose your content:

    1. Put the content on your blog. This may be where you’re starting but I can’t say for sure.
    2. List it on an article directory(s). I recommend you make some changes to it first so that it’s somewhat different from the posting on your site.
    3. Offer it to your readers to post on their sites with your bio and live link intact. You can have your own mini “article directory” page on your site where you allow people to use your articles.
    4. Totally rewrite the article for a guest post. The great bones are already there, now rewrite it and add even more valuable content to it and offer it to a blogger whose blog is a good fit and also gets decent traffic.
    5. Post the article on a forum. If it was well received on your site, then chances are the members on your favorite forum will like it too. This is an excellent way to build your brand.
    6. Include the content in a report or ebook. Maybe it’s a subject that’s really appealing to you and others, and you’ve written several articles on it. Wrap these altogether into a report you can give away or sell.
    7. Turn it into a podcast. Not everyone likes to read the written word and many prefer to listen to it. Capture this audience by turning your content into audio.
    8. Expand on it as part of a membership site. You’ve got the basics already there, now add more bullet points plus further details to your bullets including examples, tips, How To videos and helpful links. This is taking the original content to the next level.
    9. Send the material in an email or enewsletter. Your email subscribers will appreciate some emails with valuable information rather than promotions all the time. Your enewsletter can include an abbreviated version of your article with perhaps a nod back to your site in order to get traffic there.
    10. Turn the content into PLR and sell it. Let’ say your niche is the dog niche and you’ve written quite a few dog-related articles over the years. Bundle these up into packages of similar topics and sell them as PLR on the Warrior Forum. It’s important to mention these articles have already been used once, but you are the original writer and no one else has used them.

    Whenever you write content, think about how you will repurpose it. Leveraging your articles makes good sense and as you can see, it’s not that hard to do.


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