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    Apr 16 th, 2012
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    10 Keyword Mistakes that Can’t Attract Traffic

    Keywords are important factors that help to ensure that your content or webpage is easily seen in the World Wide Web. They are an integral part of search engine optimization – a strategy that web content providers, internet marketers and online businesses employ to maximize their visibility in cyberspace.

    The importance of keywords and SEO lies in its ability to increase a website’s potential to attract traffic. Using the right keywords can actually help to boost a site’s potential to attract traffic and generate sales. But you need to do it correctly to get the desired results. Mistakes are costly and it can translate to wasted time and effort.

    Here are some keyword mistakes that you need to avoid as they can’t attract traffic:

    1. Using keywords Without Prior Research

    Effective keywords are always in line with what your target audience wants to find when they search on the web. Your prospects have a way of looking for the right information that can help to provide answers to their concerns. They do this by typing specific words or phrases in the search box.

    Since search engines are recording these activities. You will have a way of knowing which of these words are popular in your target market. These are the words that you will use and infuse into your content to make your site visible to your prospects. You will know these words with the help of a keyword research tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

    2. High Keyword Density

    Using too many keywords in a single page can make the search engines declare it as spam. You should limit the use of your keywords to no more than five percent of the total number of words otherwise it will adversely affect your rankings.

    3. Improper Placement of Keywords

    Many SEO experts recommend that keywords need to be placed in strategic places to make it optimized for search engines. These include the page title, the headings and sub-headings, the first and last paragraphs or your content, and spreading them in your article body.

    But there are SEO professionals who are content with placing keywords in the title and the first sentence of the first paragraph of your article. With the efficiency of modern search engine algorithms, there’s no need to riddle your content with keywords to make them visible to search engines.

    4. No Periodic Keyword Review

    Keywords do not stay popular on the web forever. This is because search patterns change. Keywords that are popular today may no longer be as popular next month. You need to do a keyword review once every few months to ensure that your keywords suit the search patterns of your target audience.

    5. Not Using Target Specific Keywords

    Using generic keywords can help to bring in more traffic but they can’t make your webpage rank well for target specific keywords that web users might use to find information about your niche. You need to use target specific keywords to attract organic traffic that increases your potential for sales. An example would be to use “carbon titanium tennis rackets” to reinforce the “tennis rackets” keyword that already exists in the previous pages of your site.

    6. Failure to Spy on Your Competition

    You don’t have to imitate what your competition is doing, but you need to ensure that your site will have a chance to rank well with your keywords.

    In this context, you need to check which websites have top ranking for your keywords. This will help to let you opt for longer keyword phrases in case you see that you don’t have a chance to beat those sites in the rankings.

    7. Using Plural Keywords

    The use of plural keywords is a mistake in the sense that most searchers use the singular form when they make a search.

    8. Using Single Keywords

    This is not an effective means to bring in organic traffic to your site. Single keywords are too broad you don’t stand a chance to get to the top of the search results.

    9. Using Only One Keyword Phrase

    When you use only one keyword phrase throughout your content, you are losing your chance at the related keywords that people may use to find your site or web page. Use several targeted and related keyword phrases throughout your site. They can help to boost your visibility.

    10. Sacrificing Content for Keywords

    If you give up proper grammar to accommodate keywords you are wrong because modern search algorithms have a way to detect them. You should make quality and value your primary consideration in creating blog posts. It is an indication of professionalism.


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