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    Sep 5 th, 2011
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    10 Factors that Get Your Website Noticed

    The web is filled with billion of web pages which are all vying for the attention of search engines and human users as well. Many website owners resort to paid advertisements just to get to the top of the search engine results page. But how can you really get your website noticed without spending much?

    Well, here are some ways to attract attention for your website:

    1. Fill your web site with content

    People are not interested in your website, that’s the sad truth. They are actually interested in satisfying their wants, finding solutions to their problems and obtaining solutions to their problems.

    If your website regularly offers fresh information that benefits your readers, you’re a star. To accomplish this, you either have to provide your website with a blog or an article section where you can interact with your readers and win their trust.

    There are other ways of providing website content. But the bottom line is they should be useful and beneficial to gain the interest of target audience.

    2. Use keywords that your target audience uses

    You website is attractive only if it uses the terms spoken of by its target audience. One effective technique of attracting the interest of your prospects is to not just to act as one of them but to speak their language as well. In short, use keywords that your target audience use when searching for information about your subject on the web.

    3. Do not deviate from the standards

    Even though there is no restriction on the use of fonts, colors or characters to signify links or hyperlinks, people might find it strange to see your website in an unconventional look. Following the standard simply means that you have to have your navigation down the left hand side or along the top of your web page.

    Doing something to make your website unique and looking differently can confuse your visitors. This might make them lose interest in your website.

    4. Contribute to Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which gets its wealth of information from volunteers. Contribute your expert knowledge to Wikipedia and include your links to existing pages; this will bring the attention of human users and search engines to your website.

    5. Have other people link to your site

    A link to your site from other websites is an indication of trust. It is the very reason why they recommend your site as a source of related or supplemental information. A link from a respected site is a goldmine because it has the potential to increase your credibility and value to human user and search engines as well.

    Another way to have your site noticed is to get it bookmarked on social bookmarking sites line Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg.

    These are some of the ways to get your website noticed. There are many other ways, including the most popular method used today which is called search engine optimization.

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