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    Nov 14 th, 2011
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    10 Easy Steps to Set Up a Blog Part 1

    With its money-making potentials, blogging has become a favorite way to spend time online. Many people are encouraged to setup blogs and make use of their expertise and writing skills to make good money in the online industry. Many others even go further by employing writers who can provide content for their online businesses.

    Here are a few easy steps to set up a blog

    1. Choose a niche you’re passionate about

    Choosing a niche you’re passionate about can help a lot in making your blogging work easier. It would be difficult to maintain a blog if you can’t come up with fresh ideas to populate your site on a regular basis.

    There are lots of niches to choose from and these include health, fitness, money, sports, relationships and many more. Choose the ones that you are really passionate about and if the niche is quite broad, you can narrow it down to a particular subject.

    2. Set up your blog

    Set up your blog by deciding on a domain name, web hosting service and blogging platform.

    Use a domain name that represents your niche and is easy to remember. Many popular blogs nowadays prefer WordPress as their blogging platform. So if you decide to choose WordPress, you should also choose a web hosting company that can install WordPress easily, like cpanel.

    3. Optimize your blog

    An optimized blog is fast loading and it contains features such as proper meta-tags, correct structure for posts, comments and RSS feeds. A well-optimized blog should also contain pages which are search engine friendly.

    Since newly set up WordPress blogs are not optimized, you need to optimize it yourself or get the services of a professional WordPress blog designer who will do the job for you.

    4. Populate your blog

    After you have set up and optimized your blog, your next task is to populate it with content. At this stage, you also need to decide how frequent you would post content. This can help to attract the attention of search engines which will index your site. Most bloggers update their blogs with one new post everyday for the first 30 days. Once this is accomplished, they update their blogs with at least three new posts each week.

    5. Optimize your content

    Content is the most important thing that visitors look out for in any blog or website. You need to optimize your content to make it easy to find by both humans and search engines.

    One of the best ways to optimize content is to provide it with captivating headlines and content which are infused with less competitive keywords that people use when they search for information on the web. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to research for effective keywords to optimize your content.


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