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    May 27 th, 2012
    Article Writing No Comments

    The Benefits of Article Writing

    Article writing is a great way to make your self known in the real and virtual world.

    With the onset of online marketing, article writing has become a great way to expose your products and services to your target audience. It is in fact, one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website.

    Article writing is also a good way to earn money online.

    Here are some of the benefits of article writing:

    1. It is a way of advertising your products and services for free.

    If you have a business website, you can utilize free advertising by submitting useful articles to article directories. Article sites allow you to promote your products or services through a resource box which contains a links to your website or squeeze page.

    Quality articles which are optimized for the search engines are read by hundreds of people. They have the potential to bring lots of potential customers to your site through the traffic they generate.

    2. It is a way of getting backlinks for your website.

    Submitting articles to article directories can help to increase your potential to get backlinks. The number of backlinks is one of the determining factors of website popularity, and search engines consider link popularity as a basis for website rankings. With hundreds of articles that contain links to your site, your website’s popularity and potential to generate traffic increases.

    3. It helps to establish you as an expert in your niche.

    When you write and submit lots of quality, informative articles to article directories, you are actually building your reputation and gradually establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. One of the best benefits you can get from it is the exposure that your name gets from the search engines.

    You will know this when you type your name in the search box because search results will display the pages that contain your name and your article resource boxes.

    4. It helps to establish your presence on the web.

    With its ability to give you maximum online exposure, article writing can boost your presence on the web.

    Web presence is an important aspect of establishing a good online reputation. It is an important factor in winning the trust and confidence of your prospects.

    5. It is a good source of income.

    Writers of quality articles don’t run out of job offers from webmasters and ezine publishers, and these offers often involve long-tern jobs that pay good money.

    6. It helps you to share your expertise with the world.

    Article writing is not just about getting traffic and making money. It is mainly about sharing important information that can help to solve other people’s problems and give answers to their questions.

    By writing quality articles, you are also doing others a big favor by sharing your expertise with the world.