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    Oct 25 th, 2011
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    Seven Article Marketing Strategies for Success

    Article marketing is the process of promoting products or services with the use of informative articles that the marketer publishes online. It is intended to drive traffic with the ultimate goal of converting readers and site visitors into customers.

    It is difficult for article marketers to convince readers to buy certain products or services unless they are able to win the trust and confidence of their readers. A website needs to be credible in order to be trusted. This is the primary task of article marketers: to make the website win the trust of its targeted audience, establish a relationship with them and be an authority in the niche that it is talking about.

    Here are seven article marketing strategies which can help you succeed in your online business:

    1. Know your target audience

    Knowing your target audience is being able to understand their wants, concerns and problems. This will help you to find solutions which are helpful to them in many ways.

    Your target audience is the market you are aiming to capture. An in-depth knowledge of their goals, most pressing issues and the things they care about will help you to write articles that are appealing to them.

    2. Write well

    Article marketing is a skill which is meant to lead your readers to your webpage to read more about the products or services you are promoting. Your articles should be written well to create an impression that you’re a professional who deserves trust. Hone your skills by attending writing seminars and practicing constantly or by hiring a mentor.

    3. Be an expert in your niche

    Being an expert in the field that you are writing about will help you win the respect and confidence of your readers. You need to have a good knowledge of your niche so that you can provide the best answers and solution to your readers’ problems and immediate concerns.

    5. Optimize your articles for search engines

    A good knowledge of search engine optimization will surely make your articles easier to find with the help of search engines. Articles which are not SEO optimized don’t get a fair chance of being displayed on the top pages of search engine listings no matter how excellently written they may be. Make your articles search friendly with a good SEO.

    6. Write frequently

    You should write more frequently in order to catch the attention of search engines and drive traffic to your website. By frequently publishing articles online, you are increasing your exposure on the web. It also triggers search engines to index your content. This is one of the keys that can give your webpage a better page ranking.

    7. Ask for feedback

    You should know what your readers want by asking them for feedback regarding the information that you share. This will help to improve your online marketing campaign because their opinions can give you better ideas to cater to their specific needs.