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    What is Zestyer?

    Zestyer is a new application available online at as well as on iOS in the App Store and on Android in the Play Store. Zestyer is a revolutionary way to order food or earn money online. Zestyer lets you order food from other users.

    There are two aspects to Zestyer: dining and cooking. When a person signs up with Zestyer a profile is created for both of these. A user can start ordering food right away. However, if a user wants to sell food, they will have to apply to become a chef. Chefs must pass a background check and an interview before they can list and sell items. This is a strict policy and no one selling on Zestyer can avoid this screening. Zestyer also keeps in touch with all of its chefs and ensures they are fit to continue their employment. In many ways, Zestyer is the Uber for food.

    The first aspect of Zestyer is diners, or users who use the app to order food. Diners can look through listings in their area. Once a diner sees something they can link they can use Zestyer to order the food. Food on Zestyer is usually cheaper, healthier and tastier than restaurants because the chefs use real ingredients that are not bought in bulk to offset costs.  Zestyer makes it easier to create a custom order or add a special request to your order, as well as get the food delivered. Zestyer lets you chat with the chefs if you have any questions. At the end of your meal you get to rate the chef to help other users decide if they should order from the chef.

    Earn Money Online with Zestyer

    The other aspect of Zestyer is cooking. Users who cook on Zestyer are called chefs. Chefs are subjected to a background check as well as an interview before they are allowed to sell items. Users should feel comfortable ordering from chefs as they have been vetted as much as most restaurant workers, if not more. When a chef gets approved, they are free to list items. They can list any type of food they like. They choose when their food is available both time range as well as days of the week, and they set prices for the foods and any sort of options they would like to sell the food with, such as toppings, sauces, or drinks. Chefs can therefore work from home and earn money online by cooking. Zestyer chefs can also choose to deliver their food.


    Zestyer is currently running a promotion in Parma Ohio and the neighboring districts. When you sign up, become a chef, as well as list one food, you will be given ten dollars and free food packaging.









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