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    (IVT) is a old e-publishing company services with excellent one-to-one solutions for publishing. Our clients enumerate on us for very competitive price, high quality, accurate, on-time projects perpetually. We have been steadily expanding our presence and publishers list globally in the recent years. 

    We are the perfect target for publishers who are seeking high-quality Editorial, Typesetting, Arts and Illustrations, Data Conversion, E-Book conversion, E-Learning services, etc., at the most cost-efficient price point possible. IVT leverages its decades of experience in providing the highest quality service at a very competitive price. We are Ivesta technologies have ventured into Copyediting, Arts and Illustrations, Typesetting, E-Book, E-Learning, etc. and have grown to get verified (covered in ‘Our Certifications’) over a decade’s service. Over this time, we have specialized in offshore publishing and resource allocation to meet client’s quality and timeline demands. 

    In the past 12 years, IVT had exhibited the best in the publishing industry. Our publishing solutions provide our clients with a suite of services to choose from, enabling them to customize their project to completely fulfill their needs for each module. Our team consists of members who are highly experienced professionals with specific training in typesetting specifications and style. Our strength lies is tailor-made solutions to client’s concerns and problems. This directly reflects in our smooth relationship we strive with our clients. This is feasible by virtue of equal emphasis and groundwork goes behind the scenes starting from the recruiting talented minds to setting up focused in-house training that not only satisfies clients’ needs but also makes these experts a complete professional. This is a win-win and so we always have the best talent and the best minds perpetually choose to stay with us, allowing no room for any compromise or question in quality/timely deliverance.

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