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    Aug 30 th, 2011
    Article Writing-Web Content Tips No Comments

    How to Write an Effective Resource Box

    A resource box is one of the most important parts of any article that is submitted to article directories. It is the paragraph after the article body that contains brief information about the author and a link to his website.

    Articles which are submitted to article directories provide free information. But those articles were submitted because of the resource box which creates the possibility that the reader will follow his link and eventually enter his website.

    A good resource box is intended to increase your site’s search engine ranking. It also helps to drive traffic for your site and build your brand. Article submission is actually a give and take process which involves free submission of information for the chance to take free traffic in exchange.

    When creating a resource box for your article, you should provide the necessary information that would lead as many readers to your website as possible. A resource box should be convincing and credible enough to entice the reader to click on the link that you provided.

    You should seriously consider the fact that your research box receives only a brief cursory look from its readers. It must be constructed to attract attention otherwise your reader will go somewhere else.

    Here are a few tips to help you create an effective resource box:

    1. Brand Your Name

    The very first words in your resource box shall bear your name. Let your resource box build a brand of yourself by writing it in the third person and making it declare who wrote the article.

    2. Disclose brief information about yourself

    Tell your reader a bit of information about you and what made you qualified to write the article. You don’t have to mention all your accomplishments, but a sentence or two would be enough to add credibility.

    3. Introduce your business and ask your reader to act

    Tell your reader about your business and mention good and compelling reasons why they should click the link that leads to your website. You might offer a free e-book or a free report about your subject matter to let them follow your link. Freebies are very enticing to many people.

    4. Test your resource box before submitting them

    One of the most important things to do before submitting your article is to test your resource box if it’s working. Most resource boxes are written in html format and you should see to it that it is properly done; otherwise, it won’t be able to serve its main purpose which is to drive traffic to your website.