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    May 26 th, 2012
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    How to Write an Effective Article Body

    The body is an important part of an article. It contains the real information that your readers are looking for on the web. Your article may have an enticing headline and an equally engaging introduction, but if the body can’t provide enough substance to hold reader attention, your article is doomed to fail.

    You should work to provide your article body with value and substance to satisfy your readers. After all, they are the real reasons why articles are written. Here are some of the important ways to write an effective article body:

    1. Make it deliver what your title promises.

    An article body that provides the information that you promised in your title is working to deliver what your reader expects from your article. Remember, your reader goes down to your article body because they believe in the promise of your title.

    2. Make it scannable, concise and straight to the point.

    As you already know, people on the web have very short attention spans, and you can’t hold them to your article by beating the bush.

    Your article must be compact with relevant information and it should be presented in a conversational but straightforward manner. You also need to make your article body easy on the eyes by utilizing white spaces between paragraphs. Make it easy to skim-through with the use of sub-headlines or by presenting it in bulleted form, whichever is applicable.

    You don’t really need to use fillers to make your article longer. As long as your article is compact with information, it’s okay to make it short. Your readers would appreciate it because it’s a way of showing them that you value their time.

    3. Provide your body with unique, fresh and useful information.

    People run to the web to harvest information. But they don’t want to read the same information over and over again. So, to make your article body interesting, you need to fill it with information that is fresh and never-before-seen anywhere on the web, like insider secrets and personal techniques that you have mastered.

    Be one of the very first to deliver the news and your article will become a hot item on the web.

    4. Make it readable and easy to understand.

    Web articles are intended for people of all levels. They should therefore be understandable to the ordinary layman. Avoid using complicated terms that most people cannot understand. These can only scare them off, leave your website and transfer to a site that offers similar information in an understandable language.

    Remember, the use of difficult words is not the way to impress readers. The best way to impress others is to make complicated things simple.

    5. Use strategic keywords to optimize it for the search engines.

    Use important keywords and spread them across your entire article body, but be sure to limit your keyword density to two percent. This will help to make your article easier to find by the search engines. It will also keep your articles from the risk of being declared as spam.

    6. Don’t use your article body to sell your products.

    Articles are intended to inform, to help, and to provide solutions to your readers’ problems. You should not use them to advertise or sell your products. It can only turn them off and take the impression that you are not there to offer sincere help.