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    Aug 30 th, 2011
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    How to Make Copies that Attract Search Engines

    Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tasks in the internet today. The potentials that a well-planned SEO strategy can bring to a business are immeasurable no matter how small-scale it might be.

    But considering that almost all website content is using SEO, getting a good search engine ranking has become a difficult mission. In this regard, webmasters, content providers and copywriters need to consistently optimize their content in order to achieve a prominent place in the search page rankings.

    Copywriting for SEO

    SEO copywriting is a copywriting strategy which utilizes the use of keyword placement in strategic places on a web page copy to enable search engines to find your website for interested users.

    A good copy is one whose content serves the needs of human users while being search engine friendly at the same time. In order to achieve this, information must not be sacrificed to get the attention of search engines. Keywords must be placed and evenly scattered throughout the copy. This will help to boost your rank in the search page.

    There are a number of ways to optimize your copies for the search engines. Among these are:

    1. Optimize keyword density

    SEO is mainly about optimizing keyword density in the content. An SEO-optimized content attracts search engines better than copies which are not rich in targeted keywords.

    2. Position keywords strategically

    Keyword positioning is an effective approach for search engine optimization. Placing an important keyword in the header and repeating it a few more times in the body can give your page rank a big boost.

    3. Regularly update your website

    Website traffic is more often directly proportional to its page rank. This means that the higher your website ranks in search engine results, the higher its traffic goes.

    Your website’s page ranking has a tendency to go up if you update it regularly with fresh content. Fresh content is what your online followers are on the lookout for in your site. This is also what search engines love to see. This is an important aspect of website operation. It’s the goal that many companies and website owners accomplish by engaging the services of copywriting professionals.

    4. Other factors to observe

    In order to get the best of SEO you need to consider these factors:

    – Your chance of getting a higher page rank increases when you put your keyword within the first 200 words of your content;

    – Avoid repetition of keywords and keyword phrases much as possible;

    – Avoid posting too many images on your site as it can hamper your site’s loading speed.

    – If possible, engage the services of a copywriting professional who will maintain and keep your website up to date.