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    Aug 26 th, 2011
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    How to Catch your Writing Mistakes

    Writing is not a perfect craft. Mistakes can always happen no matter what editing procedures you implement.

    In order for you to catch your writing mistakes before they find their way into your published book or article, try using these tips:

    1. Hire an editing service

    The most effective way to detect and eliminate errors in your writing is to employ the service of an editing firm or office. Among the most common mistakes that are hard to spot are incorrectly used words and simple spelling mistakes (e.g. whose, who’s; its, it’s).

    2. Ask someone to check it for you

    If hiring a professional editor or proofreader is beyond your budget, you can still have your work checked by a second or third set of eyes by having someone review your document of mistakes. The rationale behind this is very simple: being its author, you become very familiar with your written work that it is much more difficult for you to spot the errors. Having a second or third pair of eyes to review your manuscript is a better approach to catch those mistakes which are hard to detect by yourself.

    3. Read your document backwards

    In order to keep your mind out of your familiarity of the flow of words in the manuscript, one effective way to spot mistakes is to read it backwards.

    4. Read it aloud

    Reading forces your brain to slow down because it involves communication between your eyes which sees the texts, your brain which processes the information and your mouth which receives information from the brain and vocalize it. Your brain needs to concentrate in this process and it helps you to discover errors and some awkward sentences as you say the words out loud.

    5. Use the right kind of publisher

    This item is applicable to the printed materials. A publisher that allows you to correct a mistake even after the materials have jumped off the printer is an added bonus. But you should expect them to ask for a reasonable fee for the job, of course.